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Ok i have a craftsman 11 hp mower and i want make it fly (go very fast) i want to find out if there are any inexspensive ways to do so. so far i've only taken off the deck can anybody help me out here?

-- kevin z (, July 14, 2004


disconect the best drive from the engen for the blades alow a hire gas flow into the engin make it ajustable caous im not familiar of crafstman and ur gona have to use the cluch when u do this

-- fergo (, August 01, 2004.

Hello my son, peace be with you. Actually, fuck you. You're so fucking stupid for wanting a fast lawnmower it's not even funny. Piss off and burn in Hell, you fucking idiot, we don't want people as stupid as you in Heaven.

-- Jesus Christ (, August 02, 2004.

find the pully on the thany and replace it tith as small of one as u can and replace the belt u will nees to make new guids thouch i have one that goes 30

-- nick (, August 02, 2004.

Locate the pulley thats connected to the engine. You want to replace that with the biggest pulley that will fit. Next, replace the pulley on the transmission/transaxel with the smallest pulley that will fit. you can also consider taking off the govener and muffler but watch not to rev the engine too far if you do that or it will blow the top off., sfw3f3f2w3fsd fsf sdsy yo yyoyo yoyo sfsdf

-- yyupyyooyoy (, March 08, 2005.

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