Looking for someone who needs a free doula in NY

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I am a postpartum nurse and am in the process of getting certified as a doula. I have attended many births and am looking to give doula services for free in NYC. Please contact me if if needed.

-- kate Jarrett (katferrer@msn.com), July 14, 2004


Dear Doula, I'm in need of a doula and I'd like to speak with you regarding your services. I'm due to give birth in early November and I'm very anxious! Thanks, Tamara

-- Tamara Aarons (taa22@columbia.edu), September 26, 2004.

hello Kate!

I live 1 hour north of NYC- I don't know if this area is still within your reach/interest, however, my baby is due the first week of January and would be very grateful if you would consider discussing services with me


-- jessica dawes (jdawes@chronogram.com), November 04, 2004.

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