I was terminated three months after going out on dissability

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Having spent over fourteen years with this empoyer, I went out on dissability, my pay was cut and my insurance will now be cancled... my employer knows that I'm not doing well, but he wants me to return to work or... as he did yesterday via snail mail... terminated me. The underlying issue is $$ as well as the fact I had to stop working due to health issues. What can I do?

thanks, Steve

-- Steve Handelman (writehanded@hotmail.com), July 13, 2004


Steve I worked for my former employee for 23 years..Had a bad car accident 8/17/03 and was terminated after family leave while on disability. I had been on disability in the past due to a heart attack and was out 5 months and never terminated. I called a lawyer and it is legal unless company had let someone else stay on on disabilty without terminating them. Please let me know if you know something I dont. Thanks

-- christina solowsky (stevie10959@yahoo.com), July 31, 2004.

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