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I was wondering what Te Kuang tea is, what is the origin and how much does it cost?

-- Elizabeth Gray (, July 13, 2004


Hey Elizabeth,

I am a french guy living in Guangzhou, China where i fall in love with tea and decided that i would dedicate my life to it. I am now creating a ecommerce to sell real high graded tea from China to USA and Europe. About the tie Guan Yin: First, the guan yin, Guan yin was a buddha taht could have entered the nirvana but decided to stay on earth to teach people. He changed from a man form to a woman form.

About the tea: it is a oolong, lightly fermented that is not graded in China. Price is set by the farmer depending on weather condition, tea tree conditions, productivity... It is fresh tea with orchid fragrance taht suits anytime of the day. the most expensive Tie Guan Yin can have a interesting butter fragrance and can go over 150 USD for 1 pound on a b2b market in china. The most expensive tie guan yin i hear of has been sold for 160 000 RMB (USD 20.000) for 250 grams (around 4oz). If you want to know more about ANY chinese teas, feel free to email me anytime. Sebastien

-- sebastien (, July 21, 2004.

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