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I have a problem when using Nero 6. I'm trying to record VCD's, the file size's are approx 600mb avi, but come up as about 750mb on mpeg-1 when i record them using Nero. I do not wish to split the videos, is there anyway i can make the file smaller so it will fit on one vcd.

-- Adam James (, July 11, 2004



for information on how to do this.

You will probably have to cut back on the bitrate of the video, which is going to give poorer quality video, but converting the video by hand may give a smaller filesize than Nero can provide.

Or, if your CD burner supports 99 minute CD-R, you could get some of them and burn your video onto those.

-- Bryan (, July 12, 2004.

Bryan's answer was very good, although 90 minute CD-Rs should be enough for your needs. A lot of CD-R burners can't burn the 99 minute CD-Rs, but many can burn the 90 minute CD-Rs and there aren't as many problems on playback with the 90 minute discs. Another option would be to use KVCD format, but it's not a standard. KVCD does some weird stuff with GOPs and bit rates to give you more playing time than normally allowed by VCD. I don't promise you'll like the final results or that your standalone DVD player will play such discs, but you can get more information at

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 12, 2004.

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