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Anybody home from the G.C yet that can give us an indication of what the first and second ballots for the BIshopric looked like?

Much appreciated


-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004


You may find it difficult to get the complete balot picture until something official comes out. The way the voiting machines worked, it was hard to copy down the recaps because they flashed through the screen so quickly.

As I understgand it, Dr. Messiah tallied over 900 on the first ballot, as contrasted to 700+ to be elected. Other candidates went from 100+ to 600+. Rev. Lewin did well early on, but withdrew. Frank Reid, although there was confusion about his candidacy for a while, tallied about 200+ on the first ballot. There were at least 5 ballots.

I too, am awaitying official number, at which point they will be added to a table of historical data tat I have, and may publish to the web.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004

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