what engine for a scooter

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i am looking to put an engine on my scooter all i know is that you should mount a 12'' wheel from a kids bike i was thinking of making a rack above the wheel and the chain going down to the wheel is this any good or what else could i do also how many cc engine should i use i was thinking 25cc or 30cc and i am going to use a whipper snipper thanks heaps

-- none (nickvesh@optushome.com.au), July 08, 2004


When building a motor scooter you'll have to take into condsideration the following factors... - How well does the engine I have, run? - How much HP does it have... (3 to 8 HP is great for a scooter) - How much strain will be on the engine... (Weight of completed scooter with you on it...) - What gear ratio you may need... Answer a few of these questions and/or email me if you'd like more help... Just be sure to tell me what you've got to work with...

-- Matt (coffeedude54321@yahoo.com), July 27, 2004.

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