A.M.E. Herald has correctly reported bishop assignments, postee used the herald's name and posted incorrect info

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On another post, Ron Harris reported a list that is "suppose to be from the herald" his post is INCORRECT! in terms of Bishop assignments.

The ame herald has the CORRECT INFORMATION www.ameherald.com

Any inaccuries with Ron Harris name is to be attributed to him. He is not on staff of the ame herald.

BISHOP BRYANT HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO THE FIFTH DISTRICT! And because I am in the fifth district and the herald is under his authority, I know I got that one right!!!;-)

Sorry about any confusion, but it did not come from the ame herald.

Rev. Denise Rogers Editor/Publisher

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004


Brothers and Sisters!

I am sorry for any inaccuracies!!! I just copied what the Hearld had posted. I could have gotten it wrong though and for that I apologize. Just trying to be helpful!!

In Christ,

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

Ron, no problem. I just wanted to clear things up and if you go back and look at the herald, you will see we did have it reported correctly.

Besides Ron, I am not ready to give up my title of "Queen of the typo's" I do appreciate what you were trying to do, it is just that we got emails correcting us from your post. God bless.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

Really, what is the big deal? Can't people make a mistake. I attended the General Conference and heard the bishops names read at the close of the general conference. There were people copying the names as they were being read and even they made mistakes. It is possible for someone to cut and paste wrong and/or to make a typo. I doubt very seriously if anyone is going to kill anyone over information included in a volunteer newsletter.

Not to cause a riff, but Rev. Rogers I am surprised you haven't received more telephone calls/emails, as there was a pretty vicious underground newsletter floating around the General Conference, entitled "The AME Herald Newsletter". If you haven't heard from anyone yet, you will probably be receiving telephone calls/emails soon. One of the youth of my church found stacks of it on a table near the exhibit halls and he discarded them, they were so torrid. I knew you weren't responsible for the information contained in that newsletter. Just a point of information. God bless you all.

Can we please give it a rest? God bless. None of us are perfect. My goodness.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

Mrs. Jackson, I have received many, many emails and phone calls from the U.S and around the world with people thanking me for coverage of general conference. We had one reporter, who reported everything! And worked overtime. Eva Williams is her name, she is a talented and generous person. Between the two of us we worked hard to get info out. As I have said before many appreciated it and we have thousands of readers who read the herald every week. They too take time to thank us.

I have not heard of an ame newsletter and since I was not in indianpolis, it is obvious I did not put out a newsletter. I did hear there was a man selling newsletters but I did not get the name of it.

If you will reread my post, I explained that people had also emailed me saying they had gotten the info from the herald and that it was posted on ame today board.

I offered a clarification and an explanation of what had happened to those who would still be under a misunderstanding.

The clarification was that Ron harris mistyped the info. He apologized, I understood and thanked him for his help. No problem, no big deal, just clarification. He was also trying to share info, and I appreciate what he did.

He and I are fine. Now to address this newsletter you mention.

Now you said one of your youth saw this newsletter and through it in the garbage. I do not have proof that it actually said the ame herald.

If it did, then I will address the problem.

Mrs. Jackson I would like to thank you, for you inspire me to do more ministry. I actually was still tired from my reason illness, but after reading your post, I am refreshed. I will work even harder to keep the ame herald going. Thanks for your support!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

The newsletter being sold at General Conference was not the AME Herald but the AME Report a newsletter that was being produced by the family of the later Presiding Elder A. Lewis Williams who for many years published a newsletter commenting on the daily activities of the GenCon. This year the newsletter was reflective of concerns of one his children and many other older ministers and particularly Presiding Elders, when it dealt with retirement issues and the 75 year age limit for appointments.

Rev. A. Lewis Williams always kept the pot bubbling and those who snapped up the Report have been doing so for a number of General Conferences.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

As I write I am still at the Crowne Plaza hotel, in Indianapolis. I write to confirm that there was a newsletter titled; "AME Herald Newsletter." I got to read it during a visit to a friend at the Omni Hotel. Copies of the newsletter were lying all over the coffee tables of the hotel, purported to be on sale for $2,50.

The newsletter, in my reading, dealt with two things: (1) damning one of the bishops and (2) propagating the election of some candidates for Bishopric.

It must be said that the newsletter was the work of cowards. They have no integrity and do not love the church. Surely, Rev. Rogers would not be associated with that kind of malicious productions. There was no address of the editor on the newsletter, nor any contact details of the publisher.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

Brother Gibson, I have known the Williams family for over 25 years, so I am certainly not referring to the AME Report, the newsletter that was being sold by the members of the Williams family and which has been sold by the Williams family at General Conferences for as long as I can remember, and which was being sold for $1.00 per newsletter. No, that is not the newsletter. The information contained in that newsletter was timely and accurate and non- slanderous. I am most definately referring to the newsletter floating around GenCon called the "AME Herald" newsletter that Rev. Klaas referenced. It did state that it was "$2.50" but none of the newsletters were for sale, and yes, they were laying all over the coffee tables. When I saw "AME Herald" on the masthead, I knew (or strongly felt) that Rev. Rogers was not responsible for that cowardice newsletter. Since I came in contact with several members of the 5th district all week long, I asked for Rev. Rogers to be pointed out for the sole purpose of giving her a copy of the bogus newsletter. God bless.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004

Peace to all,

The "Daily Report" is the name of the paper that the Williams family produces. It is a staple of the General Conference. It's too bad that no one brought a copy of the bogus AME Herald newpaper to the 5th District booth at the Convention Center. I would have gladly forwarded it to Rev. Rogers.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004

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