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As in the past, we take hold of this opportunity to Welcome Bishop Green to the Fertile Fifteenth Episcopal District. We had the pleasure of meeting and hearing him just two months ago and look forard at continuing the excellent work by Bishop Ingram.

You are entering as exciting period in the history of a country destined to become world leaders in peace and reconciliation in Africa. Accountability, transparency has become the norm in our dealings with the great task assigned by God to His church. Acknowledging and working with the people the passpoert to success.

Rev. Clive J. Pillay Members of Oak Grove Cloetesvillee

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-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004


I also like to welcome, Bishop and Mother Samuel Green to the 15th Episcopal district on behalf of myself, my family and the officers and members of Gow Chapel AME Church in the Cape Annual Conference. We are looking forward to officialy welcome you as our Episcopal parents.

Bishop, you have come at a point in the history of our church in Africa, where we are depending heavily on transparent, inclusive, just and progressive leadership. More Bishops have been included on the bench of bishops from Africa with a purpose. We have been working hard to shape a structure, the Africa Development Council, that will serve as a vehicle to drive the aspirations of a people who have been left behind. We thank God for the willingness from the Bishops and the rest of our church to correct as much as possible and to ensure through a process of empowerment and development our rightful place in the total life of our Zion.

Be welcome, Sir.

Rev Daniel J. Jacobs

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004

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