A.M.E. Herald has new bishop assignments!

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The ame herald has the new assignments of bishops as reported by our bureau chief eva williams. 5th district shout hallelujah bishop bryant is coming back!!!!!!!!!

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-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004


District Location Area Bishop
1st United States/Bermuda ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT,NJ,PA,DE,NY Rt. Rev. Richard F. Norris
2nd United States NC,VA,MD,DC Rt. Rev. Adam J. Richardson
3rd United States OH,PA,WV Rt. Rev. Robert V.Webster
4th United States/Canada IA,IL,IN,MI,WI, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia Rt. Rev. Phillip R. Cousin
5th United States CA,OR,WA,AZ, UT,NV,NM,CO,HI,AK,WY,ID,MT,ND,SD,NE,KS,MO Rt. Rev. John R. Bryant
6th United States GA Rt. Rev. William P. DeVeaux, Sr.
7th United States SC Rt. Rev. Preston W. Williams, II
8th United States LA,MS Rt. Rev. C. Garnett Henning, Sr.
9th United States AL Rt. Rev.T. Larry Kirkland
10th United States TX Rt. Rev. Gregory Gerald McKinley Ingram
11th United States/Bahamas FL Rt. Rev. McKinley Young
12th United States OK,AR Rt. Rev. Richard A. Chappelle, Sr.
13th United States KY,TN Rt. Rev. Vashti M. McKenzie
14th Africa Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria Rt. Rev. David R. Daniels
15th Africa Angola, Namibia, South Africa Rt. Rev. Samuel L. Greene
16th South America/Caribbean/London Guyana, Suriname, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, London, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands Rt. Rev. Carolyn Tyler-Guidry
17th Africa Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe Rt. Rev. Paul J. M. Kawimbe
18th Africa Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique Rt. Rev. Sarah F. Davis
19th Africa Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Guateng Rt. Rev. James L. "Butch" Davis
20th   Unknown - New District Rt. Rev. Dr. Wilfred Messiah
    Episcopal Officer Rt. Rev. Dr. Earl McCloud

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Thank you Rev. Rogers and Rev. Harper.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Parson Harper -

Many thanks for the above matrix. If I could I would kindly suggest that you rename the second column 'continent' as opposed to 'country'. Many of us are geographically challenged and any reference to Africa as a 'country', although it is not your intent, fuels global misunderstanding. QED

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Sorry about that. Maybe speaking of Africa as a country is wishful thinking. If the USA, the UK and the EU can band together, maybe Mother Africa could too. It would make for a most fearsome nation.

I decided to change it to location; The wife (a Brit) pointed out that London isn't a country either.


-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

If you do a Google search on "African Union", you may find that your prayer has already beeen answered.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Thanks Rev. Harper!!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

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