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Make money with PayPal

How to make thousands of dollars in cash, overflowing your PayPal account! PLEASE do not pass this up now!!

This is a simple program that works! You probably heard about the $5.00 chain letter going around where you send cash in the mail. WELL THIS IS NOT THAT LETTER!! This uses the power of the Internet to do all the dirty work. If you don’t know what PayPal is, you will very soon. EBay has recently bought this company. It is a great way to pay for auctions, bills, or send money to whoever has an email address. You can click on any of the PayPal links to join. It is very simple and FREE!!!!!!!!!! Even if you don’t use the program, PayPal is a great Internet tool. It works like this. There are 3 people on the email list.

1. 2. 3.

(After you have a PayPal account)

1. Send the first person on the list $5.00 via the PayPal link. 2. Send an email to them saying “Thanks I’ve joined!” 3. Put your email on the bottom of the list and move the others up on the list. 4. Next, Send this document to everyone in your address book or Newsgroups. 5. You will get a reply with sites telling you how to send bulk email to thousands of people. Or post it on NEWSGROUPS across the web.

It is a really simple way to make some money. I’m not promising $20,000 in two weeks, but you will make money off of this. It will NOT work if you don’t send the initial $5.00. I have almost $800.00 in my account from simply using this program; I began a little over a month ago and was skeptical probably just like you are. BUT IT WORKS. Here are the email addresses again:

1. 2. 3.


BE SURE TO USE THE LINK ABOVE, THEN SIGN UP FOR A (PREMIER) (FREE) ACCOUNT OR YOU'LL BE LIMITED TO ACCEPTING $100 DOLLARS ONLY!!! YOU WILL MAKE MUCH MORE THAN THIS!!! There are 50,000 new people on the Internet every month, think of the unlimited possibilities!

This is a powerful letter; you can do with it what you want. Checking your email will be a thrill when everyday you get mail saying, “You’ve got cash”


-- me (, July 06, 2004

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