Legislation, Budget and Finance (Any reports)

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I would appreciate any responses in this regard. Also Prof.QED if you are out there give us your assessment.


-- Anonymous, July 06, 2004


Nalton -

I have been away for 8 days but not at Gen Con due to family obligations/illness in DC, Philly & New York. It is quite interesting that no one has responded to this important post. The State of our Zion is NOT defined or determined by who gets elected Bishop and where the Prelates are assigned. The State of our Zion is a function of our ability to meet the objectives articulated in the AME Mission Statement. In order to fulfill that mandate it is imperative that we address our Zion's fiscal situattion. This is the first and most important order of business. After this is completed the AME Legislation requires thoughtful and constructive deliberation. The fact that no one has commented on the paramount issues associated with legislative and fiscal reforms confirms that we as a people are too caught up with the 'beauty pagent' aspects associated with electing Bishops and less concerned about the issues which will ultimately impact on fullfilling our 8 point Mission Statement. I extend my sincere congratulations to those individuals who were elected to the Bench (especially Bishops Guidry, Green & Davis) and the new General Officers. I will continue to pray for their spiritual success even though I personally feel that the best candidates did not necessarily win (e.g. Ken Hill, Leroy Attles, Jeffrey Leath & Earl Jefferson). Too often we are mesmerized by personalities and forget the needs of the people. Legislative and fiscal reform addres the needs of the people. Sadly, we forget this principle and substitute the superficial over substance. QED

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Ain't that the truth Bill! I'm sorely disappointed that Jeffrey Leath was not elected. He made some good points on his web page as to why he should be elected.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

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