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Does anyone know where I can locate living relatives of Abe Ruef?

-- Myron B. Gershenson (, July 06, 2004


I believe that Marvin Sugarman is still alive. He lives in San Mateo. He is old and is Abe's nephew. Ruef lived in the house with Marvin and his parents. Marvin was 14 years old when Ruef died in 1936. I last visited with him several years ago and he showed me some of Ruef's things including some plaque Ruef received.

My mother has a typed letter from Ruef to my great grandfather, Leopold Hirsch. It says: May 24th 1907

My Dear Uncle:

I beg to acknowledge with sincere appreciation receipt of your favor of 28th inst. dated at Veinberg, and thank you for your expressions of sympathy and your kindly offer of assistance. I have no doubt but that everything will eventually be satisfactorily evolved.

I trust that your vacation has not only brought you recreation but also improved health. Give my regards to Aunt Emily and the children.

My grandfather, Harold Hirsch, was Ruef's cousin. There is another cousin still alive, Julian Hirsch who runs a real estate company in San Francisco. His son, James Hirsch, operates the real estate management on Geary St. I do not know of Julian's knowledge of Abe Ruef.

-- Larry Hirsch (, July 29, 2004.

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