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Both my husband and I work at a casino in Laughlin. I work at the Front Desk and he works in the Security Department. We have to young children and that requires us to work different shifts; I work mornings, he works graveyard. For the last nine months or so, a cocktail waitress,who is twice our age, as been persuing my husband. My husband has made it very clear that he is happy with his marriage and doesn't have any desire to cheat on me. Still the waitress has not backed down. She went as far as presenting him with a rose on Valentine's Day. Once again, my husband made it clear that he does not want to have anything to do with her. There where many creditable witnesses that saw and heard her talk about what she had done and what her intent is towards my husband. When she found out that my husband has been telling me all of her action and comments that she has made to him and she became angry. She stormed up the my deparment, while on the clock and in uniform, in front of countless hotel guest and started screaming at my supervisor. She demand to know my full name and that she was going to report my to HR. She stated that I had made up the rumor about the rose and that she was a happily married woman. Two days after her sence at the Front Desk, she had told my husband that her husband heard that she had the "hots" for him and not to worry because she told everyone that she gave him a CD not the rose. She has constantly given verbal invitation to sleep with her. She then started to call me horrible names and spread rumors that I was a horrible wife and that my husband was going to leave "my pregnant ass" for her( at the time i was pregnant with our second child.) She has also stated to other people at work that if I wasn't pregnant she would kick the living day lights out of me. She preceeded to asked other people in my department intmate detail regard my love life with my husband and also my personal life. I'm trying to be the bigger person in all this by not saying anything about what she has said about me or my marriage. My husband and I have discussed her actions with our department supervisor's and I have gone as far as talking to her department supervisor's and nothing has come of it. It has gotten so bad that I have people concered over the rumors that my marriage is breaking up. There has been more that 15 people, sometimes daily, informing my husband or myself on what new rumor that she is spreading. Come to find out, I am not alone in this. There are two other cocktail waitresses that are having the same issue with her. She seems hell bend on destroying as many marriages as possible. My husband, myself and the other two waitresses are now going to the Director of Human Resource regarding this. Because of her, she has made a uncomfortable workplace and not to mention a strain on my marriage because of her constant lies and rumors. And because of that my performance at work is not what it used to be. What do I need to do to make her stop and if going to the Director of Human Resourse does not stop her,do I have a strong enough case to seek legal action?

-- Nicole Long (, July 06, 2004


Why don't you just kill her with kindness, ignore her and move on? You are buying in to the drama. Normal people don't have these problems..........What would you tell your kids to do? :-)

-- John Silva (, July 26, 2004.

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