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On friday July 2nd. I had chest pain, I have had two heart attacks in the past. I went to my small hospital in my town and because of the pain I was flown by helicopter to a larger city, that has a heart institute. I had a minor proceedure and I am now resting at home. As soon as I can make contact with our reporters I will update the herald. I am very sorry for the loss of coverage the last few days.

I will repost when we have coverage again. Again I am sorry for any inconvience this has caused.

Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004


Rev. Rogers,

The Lord is with you as are our prayers. Be Well in the name of our Lord and fret not about the coverage. Be Well!

In Love, In Christ,

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

As usual you aare in my prayers. Take care of yourself. It is far more important to take care of you than to report on the General Conference; after all the General Conference will convene again in four years. We need yo9u and God Bless.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

I am recovering from a major illness, two weeks ago I had a blood clot in my left leg, and then on friday I was flown out of my small town to a major hospital. The KKK has come back to my town, so I cannot rest long. That is why Rev. Paris, when you and Bill Dickens start calling my town it is not a game on a discussion board. Lives are at stake.

Our web hosting company is working on the problem now. And my bishop has instructed me to get off the computer and rest. I will shortly, when we get the technical stuff worked out.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

Rev. Rogers: If you need an Internet Host, I can supply you with a Host within 3 hours for as long as you need it at no charge. I will be more than pleased to do this. Just let me know the URL you would like and I can set it up and have you online shortly. This will be without any advertising.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

Thank you Rev. Paris, my web host just emailed me and he is working on it now, I am going to hang in there a little longer. Because people are expecting updates on the ame herald website.

If I switch to your site, there is still no way to redirect viewers. If I can't get this resolved, I will have to make other choices. Thank you. I will keep everyone posted.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

Thank you Rev. Paris, our web host has fixed the problem. The ameherald has been updated.

It has been confirmed that John Kerry will speak at our conference. No cell phones will be allowed tomorrow. And there will be extra security.

Updates are now on the ame herald

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

Rev. Rogers opines -

"The KKK has come back to my town, so I cannot rest long. That is why Rev. Paris, when you and Bill Dickens start calling my town it is not a game on a discussion board. Lives are at stake."

When did I ever say or suggest opposing the KKK is a game? I have lived in three Southern states where the KKK exists (VA, NC & FL). I'm sorry but your comments interject unnecessary and unwarranted sensationalism. I sincerely pray that you have your health restored for the important ministry in our Zion. I also sincerely ask that you do not associate my name with any KKK activities in your state. I am not responsible now, past or future for their actions. As I indicated earlier this year I do not need the permission of anybody on this BB to make a phone call from the privacy of my own home to a newspaper in Bozeman, MT. I thought this issue was put at rest. Apparently, I was mistaken. QED

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2004

Mr. Dickens I am going to put this issue to rest once and for all. This is america, you have the right to call anywhere you like. Go ahead. I have nothing to hide. All is does it show everyone on this board the type of person you are.

You are a bully!! And this board is your playground, people write me privately to say how they don't post because of your attacks. Well, you don't know me that well. I am been a pastor for 20 years and I have dealt with many like you. I am still here!

On this board you posture and say your little speech "rev. rogers opines" and I and others are to be moved. The truth is there is much work to be done in our zion, and some of us are doing it!

While you spend hours attacking our zion, never saying anything positive or offering to help, unless putting your opinions on this board is your way of helping, others are working hard, yet you tear it down.

Hear is something to "opine" the definition of a bully-one who is insecure, afraid, domineering, with narcisstic tendencies.

Let it go, move on. For your sake I pray this board never goes down, you have nothing else in your life.

Now you can opine!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004

Rev. Rogers - It's clear you don't understand me at all. My remarks are aimed at intellectual stimulation, theological curiosity and occassional laughter and levity. I extended an olive branch to you in May 2004 for Mother's Day. No response was made nor was a similar courtesy expended for Father's Day 2004. It was you who made a great leap of reasoning about your ongoing stand against the KKK and somehow implicating my name in the process. Furthermore, it was your own words, on at least two seperate occassions, that you would cease posting. I have never suggested that you should stop making contributions on this BB, you imposed this restriction on yourself. Instead of expressing your comments in a civil matter thru the proper venue of private communication you chose to make it a public spectacle by "airing it out" on this BB. Once again you have blown this topic about the January 2004 incident way out of proportion and now seek to resort to petty name calling coupled with false and unsubstantiated remarks about my character. I have not nor will I make disparaging comments about you publicly despite the fact you choose to go down that route. To say as you did that my work in the AMEC is "hours attacking our zion, never saying anything positive or offering to help, unless putting your opinions on this board is your way of helping, others are working hard, yet you tear it down." illustrates you are completely clueless about my volunteer labor in Kingdom Building for this Zion. Christians can disagree without being disagreeable. I don't expect to gain consensus on what I talk or write about concerning the AMEC. I do however have a reasonable expectation of courtesy and respect when engaging with people. Fortunately, I understand the importance of prayer in all that I do. I bid you Godspeed in your Christian endeavors. QED

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2004


Just as you requested an apology from me for remarks you felt were offensive to you. I think it is time that you also publicly apologize for actions that may have made your sister in Christ feel uncomfortable.

As you state you can do whatever you wish from the privacy of your home why can't you just apologize for the distress Rev. Rogers felt over these actions. Whether or not it was your intent to harm is not the issue any longer, but as a Christian and as a man it is the right thing to do.

I am happy to see that Rev. Rogers has returned to the board and I implore you to do for her what I did for you.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2004

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