Eight Souls Came Through the Flood

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According to the Holy Scriptures, only eight people came through the Flood; Mr. and Mrs. Noah, their three sons and their wives: Mr. and Mrs. Ham, Mr. and Mrs. Japheth, and Mr. and Mrs. Shem. Who carried the "black" gene, the "Hispanic" gene, the white gene etc?

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004


They all did; Ours is the only color than can produce all the others.

We know that Ham did at minimum; "Ham" spelled and pronounced "Khem" means "Black", "Dark" and/or "Hot"........

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

As a biology major, I agree with Rev. Harper that every human being has 99% of the same genes. Race is actually an illusion from a biological point of view because if certain genes are turned on or off, we get different phenotypic expressions(physical appearances) In short, theoretcially, it is possible for certain genes to be turned on or off and cause members of one race to turn into members of another race. Now that's scary!!!

I happen to believe that because the world consists of 59% Asian people, 25% Caucasian people, and 13% African that the original people were probably more Asian appearing. However, this is a very poor supposition. In my brief research into ancient African history, I have never heard any authority say that Ham was not the ancestor of Black people. I find that strange because there seems to be universal consensus with this information. Yet there is controversy about who his descendants were. Ham was the father of Cush the father of the Cushites(Kushites) or ancient Ethiopians, Put(Phut) the ancient Libyans, Mizraim(the ancient Egyptians), and Canaan(the ancient inhabitants of western Israel.

Therefore, Ham being the father of African peoples would suggest that the ancient Ethiopians, ancient Egyptians, ancient Libyans, the western portion of Israel , and all of Africa were African people. However, this is a point of controversy when you read ancient black history.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

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