What Is the Difference In Business and Sports

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In another Post, I cited several sports figures who indeniably have reached to top in thier profession, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and many others. There is no doubt, they got there based on talent, total dedication to be the best, and hard work. If the powers that be had their, Tiger would not be miced race, Jordan would not be black; they would both be blond blue-eyed caucasions. Now, if Talent, Total Dedication and Hard Work got them to the top, why can't the same thing get us to the top in Business? We have role models, Johnson the founder of Ebony did not have Affirmative Action to start; Bill Cosby played second banana in his first series on TV, but look at him now. Can anyone name the white actor who was the "star"? No. He disappeared because he should not have been the star. Where would Bill Cosby if he had gotten angry and quit the series? With God all things are possible.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

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