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The News media became so focused on Bill Cosby"s use of the N-Word in describing WHAT the hoodlums were saying that they completely lost the real meat of his comments. Then Jesse Jackson tried to soften the comments. Others tried to pass it off as Bill's new "routine". Garbage! The fact is that Cosby is right on. It is time for us to look in the mirror and see our true selves and do something about that which is not right FOR ourselves withour relying on anyone except God. The irony is that our exslave forefathers and mothers established th HBCU that we are so proud of today. If slavery didn't stop those who were former slaves, why is it able to stop the sons and daughters of exslaves 2, 3, and 4 generations later. We can stand around and blame white folk, slavery, and racism for our problems and nothing will or should happen We must take back our schools, our churches, our homes and start raising our children to respect themselves and others. In my sermon yesterday I said: "We are the most religious people in the world and yet we trust the government and the white man more than we do God. WE preach "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"; and simultaneous ask for the government to pass a new law to level the playing field; apply for a Grant; or a gift. God says through the Prophet Haggia, "The Gold is mine; the Silver is mine", "I WILL SHAKE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO PROVIDE FOR YOU." If we believe in God, then we will do all things for ourselves. Talking about leveling the playing field admits we are on the field; we know the rules of the game otherwise we couldn't complain. So, you are the field, now get in the game; play by the rules and win; God will not help us as long as we blame others for our situation; we can and must do for ourselves. The rules used to be and may still be that you had to be twice as good to compete. Well, our forefathers and some today became twice as good and won. Jackis Robinson was brought into to major league baseball because he was the BEST and they needed him; Tiger Woods is number 1 because he is the best; Charlie Sifford, before the Tiger era, was kept out because he was the best but he came through anyway. Calvin Peete, also before Tiger, became the best Golfer during his career and played on Ryder Cup teams, not because he was black but because he was the best. Lee Elder broke the color barrier at the Masters, because he QUALIFIED, EVEN amidst changing rules; not because someone had a change of heart and wanted a black man to play the Masters. Nopne of these folk are where they are because of Affirmative Action either. Thurgood Marshall was placed on the Supreme Court because he was the BEST qualified jurist at that time. None of this is the say that some of the best qualified failed to achieve what they deserved. Spiller, another black golf pioneer, paved the way for those who followed him. He is the reason that the LA Open is an "open" tournament meaning anyone who qualifies can enter. The City of Los Angeles, because Spiller was knocking down the door forced the PGA to let blacks play in the LA Open. If you have to be twice as good, DO it. Whatever the rules are go for it. WQe CAN do all things through Christ!

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004


Rev Al Paris,

You are quite right!!! in your assessment of our situation. Now, my question for you is how do we apply your solution to our social ills in America. I understand from reading the history of my hometown, Suffolk, Va. that there was a minister at the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in the 1930's who always ended his sermons with " Buy your selves some land, save your money, and get an education".

I haven't heard anybody in the pulpit say anything about getting an education, starting a business, or any rhetoric that relates to Black self-reliance but once in the past 30 years. We are waiting for you and your colleagues to pick up the baton that Dr. Martin Luther King once had.


-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

I preach that every Sunday and every opportunity. If you come to my church, Macedonia AME, Kaufman TX, you will hear it every Sunday at least. I teach the children to Tithe and save and invest at least 10% of every peice of money they get. I show them that using this system alone, they can retire at 55. And if they wait until 65 or 70, they will be worth more than one million dollars, without consider any retirement system available at their work. I teach both the adults and the children to plan to start a business in whatever field they are skilled in; to watch for opportunity to become self- employed. I preach it and practice it my self. At the birth of my children I began to invest $300.00 per month for thier college expenses. If they get full scholarships, then we will start a business with them. I encourage all my members to become homeowners. If they already own a home, I encourage them to invest in real estate, picking the most likely place for expansion. That is what we are doing, my brother. BTW the way, we also invest in each other. This Sunday we sent a gift to a church in the 12th District because they sent us a letter.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2004

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