full suspension, 4 wheel drive, 150hp moter, how can i do this

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im a engineer who is looking a building a highly modified kart and was wondering if any one could help me out, by sending me some plans, it would really help if it had detailed plans of the supspension, and 4 wheel drive system, any info on this would be good but if u could send me detailed plans it would be good, ta

-- ben (toolman_010@hotmail.com), July 05, 2004


You're a fucking retard too. Anyone who spells "motor" as "moter" should not be allowed anywhere near one, let alone a 150hp one. You fucking mong. That's just your subject line, now we get to the post:

"im an engineer" - yeah fucking right. A pre-school engineer. What the fuck is "im"? Instant message? You don't even begin with a capital letter. Then you go on to say you want to build a "highly modified kart". What the fuck does that mean? Are you going to build a kart and then highly modify it? Just build it however you need to once off and then you won't need to modify it you schoolgirl's twat. Then you ask for detailed plans to help you out, right after calling yourself an engineer. If you're an engineer you'd know how suspension works and would be able to design your own to suit the kart you sloth-brained turd-monkey. Stop talking bullshit and get real on this message board, then maybe someone will help you.

-- razzle (razzle_m'dazzle@hotmail.com), October 03, 2004.

STFU razzle, i will say one thing tho, where ever you work as a engineer, are they hiring? cus im 22 with no formal education and i can design and build or shall we say engineer the whole thing, i can probably build you an engine too, im not going to spend time writing alot or making you plans, but if you want email me and ill be glad to let you hire me to design everything you want, if i can design a replacment chassis for a bagged chevy s10 with 14" of suspension travel easy or a show truck on 35"s that has 36" of travel and will go from looking stock to having the body laying on the ground, then i think i can handle a lil gokart, if your serious about wanting to build somthing fast, safe, and unique then gimme a holler. Matt

-- matt cline (xdreamz@earthlink.net), October 24, 2004.

Perhaps you would be more interested in a humvee

-- Andrew Garrett (vanillagorilla13_5@hotmail.com), January 14, 2005.

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