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hey whats up? i have a craftsman/briggs 5hp engine from a wood chipper. its a horizontal shaft which i plan to put on my go cart. i have had it bored +.020,head machined for more compression,new valves,new piston,new rings. i would like to know what else i can do to get top notch performance from this engine. id like my go cart to go as fast as possible. how much hp should i get whem im done. and do u have any sites i can buy parts from like cams and rods and stuff like that.and im not quite sure on how to hook the throttle cable up?

-- Bobby Turgeon (, July 05, 2004


make it a new moter running more power and put a turbo on it and have some fun, that about all u can do after doing what u have done. but u could try advancing the timing as mush as u can, good lucky any way

-- ben (, July 05, 2004.

take the carb apart and find the main jet drill the holes 1 or 2 64ths bigger by hand untill it stars to run a little funny then take the air filter off and put a filter skin on instead need any more halp email me

-- nick (, August 02, 2004.

shorter piston rod= more RPM= FAST

-- Penis Mcuntlick (, August 05, 2004.

take off the govenor.

-- cj (, September 27, 2004.

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