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I want to hook a weed wacker up to my bike. I've read a lot of forums and stuff but I really dont know where to start... is there a website i can go to that gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this? Thanks.

-- Blake E (, July 02, 2004


I found a gas weed wacker engine on ebay... here's the ad:

Up for Auction - 4 used power heads One Model GT-2200 One GT-2102 TWO GT-1100 ECHO power heads (cc not listed should be 20 cc - 25cc range) -.All engines HAVE CLUTCHES turn over (Did not test both GT- 1100 as they are missing pull starter rope unit & one is missing coil) GT-2200 is a running engine (started right up with a little gas put in the carb) & GT-2102 has good spark but did not have time to bench test. Good parts or ....Hobbyist got the time - make a real nice mid size powerplants! SHIPPING UPS ground BUYER WILL PAY A FIXED $12.75 in the continental USA . Items sold as is & estimated shipping to West Coast (from East Coast) is around a week depending on your zip code.

Any good?? should i buy it?

-- Blake E (, July 02, 2004.

hey, i hooked up a weed wacker to my bike just a few days ago it quite easy. all i did was i took off the pedal and put the sproket on the weed wacker engin.and hooked it up to the chain. the way it would start is when i got up to a good speed the chain would spin and the engin would start up and when i slowed down it would worked quit well. I attaced a throtle so when i got up to a good speed and the engin started then i would pull on the throttle and it would get me up to a top speed of 40km/h.

-- brett Procctor (, July 24, 2004.

My friend and i did this seriously it works. get a motor off of ebay. then make a engine mounting plate out of wood. next by a sprocket with set screws from a hardware store. gaet a chain that will fit both the sprocket and the bikes sprocket and hook it up. then use the front or rear brake cable for the throttle.

-- Nick (, January 22, 2005.

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