Riding mower 5 speed trans

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Anyone ever use one of these in a kart? They have them on ebay for about 30 bucks. You can get 6 speed or 5 speed, both with reverse. They seem good, but gear ratios are impossible to find. *shrugs*

-- brett (brett647@hotmail.com), June 30, 2004


If your looking for speed you'll be better off trying to find an atv transmission. I have built two go-karts with honda 3-wheeler transmissions, both powered by modified briggs and stratton 5hp engines. You can try that or just use an atv engine/transmission. I disable the engine part and use a briggs 5hp because they are easy to modify and you can change the gear ratio coming into and going out of the tranny. Both karts have honda 200 trannies but one tops out at about 40mph but will pull a house in low gear, the other I have yet to top out but i estimate third gear tops out about 70-80mph.

-- (papyrus@netpathway.com), October 09, 2004.

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