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Hi My husband and I are deeply passionate about having a home birth for our second child, but I am quite dissatisfied with the only midwifery practice that is available to me due the to the catchment area regulations. I do not hold a philosophical conviction that would make me favour an unassisted childbirth or especially lack of prenatal care. This means, of course, that if any problems were to arise during my pregnancy I would certainly opt for a hospital birth, if so is necessary. However I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth with my first baby, and my family doctor said there are no reasons to believe I would have any health problems this time. This said, I feel I'd rather have my baby unassisted, rather than go to a hospital when there are no medical issues involved. I was fortunate to have a pretty good, high-touch no intervention hospital birth, and I did feel empowered, but this is an experience I would not choose to repeat. I feel that my right of having a home birth is taken away from me by the mere fact that I have access to only one midwifery practice, and the fact that aparently no doula would attend the birth. What are my choices in terms of labour support? Our primary concern is our potential inability to react efficiently if there are any problems present in the newborn. Does every woman deserve a doula? Does this apply to a woman who chooses / or has no choice but to birth her baby without the attendance of a doctor or a midwife? I feel cornered and forced into a situation I do not want to be in. What are the liability issues involved? Can a legal contract resolve the liability issues? Any suggestions or insights are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Anna

-- Anna Galeta (, June 29, 2004

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