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hi,im trying to make a 4 hp lawnmower engine into a go kart.nothing speacal just a med speed street go kart with a 12 year old rider weghing 70 pounds(me). ive started it and am stuck at the last part,the clutch.every thing else is done exepet the clutch (and the vertical to horizatal transmittion). any ideas?

-- jonathan edwards popelar (, June 29, 2004


Don't do it. It isnt worth it at all your better of buying a horizontal shaft engine. If you use a vertical shaft(lawnmower engine) and try and run it horizontal the engine wont get the oil it needs and can blow up. And trying to build a tranny for it will just be a pain in the butt plus it probably wont be too safe.... Save yourself the trouble and buy a horizontal shaft engine.

-- steve (, June 30, 2004.

I dont have the money, what if i make a oil/gasolene mixture? ither way i alredy started on a tranie

-- jonathan edwards popelar (, June 30, 2004.

Are you using a ride-on lawnmower frame, or a vertical engine on a go kart frame? What's the horse power of the engine?

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.

The clutch on a ride-on is when you step on the pedal the belt around the pulleys gets loose, and the engine spins freely. When you press the pedal it releases a tension pulley which loosens the belt.

If you have a go-kart frame you will need a gearbox or some sort of 90 degree adjuster shaft. and then buy the centrifical clutch and it will cost alot.

It's best to use a lawnmower frame and keep it original except to remove the deck, and blades, buy a 5 dollar belt, because removing the deck will take off pulleys which will shorten the size of belt needed. Be sure if you buy a new belt you measure the area around the tension pulley so it engages right. make sure it is a little bit smaller so it will grip better. about 1/2 inch smaller or so. If you have any Q's just reply back.

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.


Go to this site...... site=

They have plans for evey thing you need for a go-kart.

I would just buy a used ride-on lawnmower and modify it

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.

Ignore that last response

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.

You can use the vertical engine, just get 2 pulleys, the same size, put one on the engine shaft and hook the other up to a horizontal shaft. Then you can twist the belt 90 degrees from the engine to the second pulley. You now have a horizontal drive shaft. For your clutch get 2 pulleys and an idler. Attach one pulley to the power shaft and the other to the wheels. Then get a belt that fits on those pulleys loosely, then you can make a lever with the idler on it to put tension on the belt.

-- Your Mom (, July 18, 2004.

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