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Thanks for this brilliant site, first of all. DLA will not give up. I now have the court chasing for attachment of earnings from nearly 8 years ago? I've done everything you have suggested but still no proof. I had a mig but recently, I asked the court to set judgement aside based on Abbey not showing clear proof. It was dismissed? Please, please help. Hope to hear from someone soon regards Neil

-- Neil Germaine (Ngermaine@aol.com), June 29, 2004



You say the court are chasing you, do you mean a date has been set for you to go to Court ? Presumably you have sarned Abbey ? Have you looked for professional legal advice ? There really isn't enough info here to comment.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), July 01, 2004.

Thanks for an excellent site! Just agreed a settlement figure with Abbey/DLA for 1250 on a 16500 shortfall demand after 6 months. I still believe I had a very good case but they had instigated AofE on me. I disputed their claim, SARNed Abbey and everyone else for that matter but a ccj from 1998 for the shortfall was used and re-started. I asked for the judgement to be set aside and the judge dismissed my plea, even though DLA did not show up. Thanks again!

-- Neil Germaine (Ngermaine@aol.com), July 06, 2004.


Excellent news, well done. I wish you all the very best and a debt free future. Given that there's nearly a Trillion pounds of debt out there now, more than enough already don't you think ?


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), July 10, 2004.

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