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im am building a chainsaw scooter with a razor scooter, a bike wheel, and a small chainsaw. good idea? or not?

-- bob jinkins (, June 29, 2004


Yeah it will work I built one of those using a 31cc weedeater motor and it works pretty good. Just buy a scooter with 12" wheels instead of using a razor scooter. For a drivetrain you have a couple options, a spindle which is just a bike peg, or a chain and sprocket. If you going with the chain and sprocket(which I suggest you do) Buy a scooter with metal spoked wheels, not plastic so that you can weld a sproket on. Hope this helps.

-- Steve (, June 30, 2004.

ya, ive built many things out of chainsaw angines and weedeater engines. if u try to mount a angine on a regular scooter when u turn it will scrape the ground. if u r building a scooter the best engines r the homelite 25cc weedeater and any chainsaw above 30cc. welding the sprocket to a metal rim is nearly impossible when trying to get it straight, also u cant weld to the spokes because the welder will burn through

-- jack london (, July 02, 2004.

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