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Last week was convocation. I hoped to attend but at the last moment I reluctantly had to cancel my trip to York. I would have seen some of the students who were in my last course in 2001/02.

I was able to get a copy of the convocation booklet and found several familiar names. Marietta Nuyens and Kaitlyn McLachlan (now Thomsen) graduated with the highest honours (summa cum laude) as did Megan Smith in the Faculty of Science (first class with distinction). I'm very proud to have had all three as students or TAs.

In addition, there were about 20 other students from that last class graduating. I'm really very sorry I wasn't there.

Also at the convocation, two former TAs, Faye Doell and Gigi Luk, received their master's degrees.

Congratulations to all.


-- Anonymous, June 25, 2004


A good friend of mine graduated in June 2004, a BA in Psychology no less. I attended the convocation wondering if I'd see any familiar faces but unfortuantely I didn't. I guess I went to a different ceremony from when Gigi got her MA.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2005

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