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Hi im having a PAO in 2weeks. Was jst wondering to all those who've had one how did it affect your weight after surgery. Also how did ye prepare for the operation? And whats the scar like? Really appreciate any help I could get, cheers, mur 19

-- m.s. (, June 25, 2004


I am almost 9 weeks out from PAO. Ok, actually this is going to sound kinda surprising but I lost 6 pounds in the weeks following surgery. I was careful about what I ate because I knew I would be inactive but by no means did go on a diet. I was so surprised the first time I got on the scale. My scar is very "cosmetic" as the doctor likes to say. It is on my front and almost follows like the natural bikini line. Actaully it looks amazingly good. As for preparing make sure your house has things easily accessible before you go to the hospital. Also you will probably want a stool or something for in the shower. Other than that trust in your doctor and I am sure everything will go fine! Best of luck and I would love to hear how you are doing. -Jen

-- Jen (, July 15, 2004.

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