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I am using a Digitrax DB150 as an auto reverser on my layout. I have it configured with a DCS100 as is diagramed in the user manual. I actually have two reversing loops on each end of a length of mainline. (195 feet total mainline). What is happening is when a train enters either reverse loop, it passes the gaps on one side with no problem. But coming out the other end of the loop, the loco shorts until it clears the gap. I have plenty of mainline in the loop, about 30 feet in N-scale. I am using a Peco electrofrog on one reversing loop and an Atlas on the other, but the same thing is happening in both reversing loops. The direction the switch is thrown does not matter, it is the same regardless. Hope you can help.

-- Roger Waibel (, June 24, 2004



I don't have any definite answers for you. A problem with auto reversing is pretty much limited to the following three causes. 1. Both boosters are set to auto reverse. 2. Neither booster is set to auto reverse. 3. A wiring error, perhaps unintentionally connecting booster districts.

I can't think of a good way to verify that a booster is set to auto reverse or not. So double check you manual, your booster and Chief. I can tell you that if both are set to not auto reverse, you should be able to enter the reversing section one way, but not the other. It will be consistent.

I vaguely recall being told when using a DB150 and a DCS100, use the DCS 100 in non auto reverse mode. Do the auto reversing with the DB150. My memory is faint on that, so try it the other way around if need be.

Check your wiring GOOD. Mistakes are easier to make that you realize. Since you have the same problem with both of your reverse loops, if you made a wiring error, you may not realize it. Get a friend who understanding wiring to look it over for you.

You sound like you know what you are doing. Make sure you have two gaps at each end of the reversing section. Make sure your wiring in no way connects the two booster districts together. Also check the way you are powering your frog. Perhaps that is tripping you up.

I have a balloon track on this web page. Note how I use a relay to not not an auto reversing booster. You may want to do the same thing and use your booster for something else.

On this page I have some information on Peco turnouts that may help you out.

Good luck

-- Allan Gartner (, June 25, 2004.

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