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i once saw an episode of junkyardwars and one of the challenges was building a pedal powered gokart or something like that, i also want to build a pedal powered go kart like this one:

The problem is, i don't even know where to start. I'm trying to make it in AutoCAD, but i don't know where to go from there once i'm finished. Please help me

-- Roman Rekhler (, June 24, 2004



-- tyron rashad miller (ml;oyxuxoy;, June 25, 2004.

you fuck just make it. are you that retarded?

-- todd sellers (, June 29, 2004.

My advice is don't use AUTOcad, make it from scratch. get some pipes and a welder and have fun. You can use parts from old bikes. Just go to goodwill or any thrift shop and buy some old mountain bikes and use the gears or whatever. Parts from an old lawnmower would work (stering system, chains, seats, etc.)

If I were you I would just invest that money in building a go-kart. It's pretty easy really.

Or you can make one of these (copy and paste link in browser)

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.

U bum hey get your slef some old bikes and a rool of duct tape and bang some shit out trial and error

-- outcastPhil (not my real e mail @ dont ask .com), July 14, 2004.

Ball bearing racers big hill night time

no need for pedals. A helmet for the timid perhaps.

-- (, December 07, 2004.

Weld two identical bikes together and then connect the steering with a tie rod.

-- Nate (, December 22, 2004.

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