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I made an NTSC VCD using Nero 6 because I wanted to transfer some Music videos to a CD to save space on my PC. I ended up making a VCD with 20 tracks, I arranged em in order of most favorite to least. It burned all OK.. i played it on my DVD player and on PowerDVD and it worked perfectly, then i played it on Real Player and Windows Media Player and somehow the last track became the first, the 2nd became before the last and so on (the track listing was flipped!!).. it still works good with the correct order with a DVD player though. whats that and how do I fix it? thank you!

-- John (, June 23, 2004


probable the file naming, wmp and real player probably put the files in alphabetical order try putting 1.2.3 etc ahead of the filenames once you have them in order

-- ezi (, September 30, 2004.

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