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I am a native SF'er looking for resources to research an occupation that SF women worked at known as, Change Girls. Change Girls wore beautiful evening gowns and were often very pretty. They provided change to the customers at high end illegal gambling establishments in San Francisco, now shuttered. I am looking for information especially during the late 1940's. I would love to interview a former Change Girl. My mother is a former Change Girl and has been dead for a long time. I have done some internet searches and need to know where in SF I might be able to see some documentation, (police reports?) Thank you. Nancy McNally

-- Nancy McNally (, June 17, 2004


Dear Nancy, I read books about prostitution but only for the period of 1900- 1915.So I can't give you an answer for 1940.All I can say is that the girls were introduced in the gambling joints by the French in 1850: they sold cigars and gave change. You might find books on gambling in the Library of congress or in a local library:public library or Berkeley library. I write from France and give you advice on things I can' check! Sincerely yours, Suzie

-- Guth suzie (, July 13, 2004.

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