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I have a VCD setup, properly ripped by one of my friends, he put it in a file and everything is nice and dandy, I burned it on nero onto a CD-R, it plays in my Mintek DVD player, but I can't hear anything? The connection isnt bad or anything because regular DVD's work, why can't I hear audio? is there something different I have to do in burning a VCD? (it had a .cue and .bin, I select the .cue and it burns the .bin into neat little folders on the disc and what not) but it plays fine, picture is actually great, but no sound is depressing, please help?

-- Jake (, June 17, 2004


Does the disc play ok on your computer? If you don't have a software DVD player, Media player should work. Open the VCD disc and look in the MPEGAV folder. You'll see ****.dat. Drag the .dat into Media Player.

If that plays ok, then the audio is in some way incompatible with VCD format. Try that and we'll work from there.

-- Bryan (, June 18, 2004.

im having similar problems, i have a move which is saved as a .dat file, it plays fine direct from the pc through power dvd or any other software DVD player, but when i try to burn it onto dvd i get no sound. any suggestions

-- phill hetherington (, July 13, 2004.

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