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The latest edition of the AME Herald is online at Some extremely good articles can be found there. Read the herald and be blessed.

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2004


Based on what you reported several days ago and what I confirmed on the Wilberforce U. website, the size of Mr. Charles' philanthropic gift to Wilberforce was $2 million not $1 million as reported in the cover story of this week's edition. I don't see a contact email address to alert the publisher about this error. If someone has Rev. ROgers' email address you may want to forward this post to her so that the AME Herald can publish an errata. Unintentional errors are made in the publications business but a swift correction is the proper course of action. This is not a trivial difference in the total. QED

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2004

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the A.M.E. Herald. In regard to the front page story, the portion you made reference was written by Dr. Cecil Murray senior pastor of first ame los angeles. Dr. Murray has been a long time spiritual leader and friend to Ray Charles, his family and business manager. Ray Charles gave many gifts that only his business manager was aware.

The ame herald thanks Dr. Murray very much, for our publication received the details of the funeral first and no other news wire received this info as of our publishing on Monday. By now I am sure they have picked up the details.

My prayers are that we focus on the tremendous loss of this great man, who embraced all people the world over. Though he was not ame he gave generously to ame projects. This is a time of mourning, this is a time to pray for his large family, for his fans around the world who's heart is aching.

This is a time to lift Dr. Murray and first ame church up in prayer as they prepare for a massive funeral on thursday. There will be paparazzi's, helicopters flying overhead, police, thunderous sounds of crying, this is a time to pray for God's strength and comfort to fall upon those who will participate in the service.

Lastly this is a time for all of us to remember our lord and savior Jesus Christ and know that it is our love and faith in him that will unite all of us once again in heaven. Let us look at our own lives and ask, "have I shown the love of Christ to another?" "Have I witnessed to another?" Have I given to the poor. Ray Charles was and is a wonderful role model for us to emulate for he gave his talent to the world and he gave his money to the world without ceremoney.

Praise God! Fathers, son and holy spirit! Praise God for salvation, Praise God for Ray Charles, for he finally SEES HIS SAVIOR FACE TO FACE.

May the power of Christ, bring us together and transform us in his spirit. Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2004

Sorry: The second to last paragraph should read PRAISE FATHER, I had a typo and added an s. Thank you for understanding.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2004

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