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The smog pump supercharger on a 4-stroke briggs doesn't seem to have any clear answers. If you run a draw through configeration, will the thing ever start within 100 pulls? I wish somebody would show me a diagram of the whole "Y" valve thing. I'm assuming that there would be a direct route from carb to intake until the valves are closed, in which case it would go through the smog pump circuit. Does this mean the smog pump dumps unfueled charge out until it goes on circuit? The whole blow through config would seem to work easier. Has anybody built a pressure box around the carb? I know this is how it was done on turbo carburated cars. Would a person also have to raise fuel pressere? I would appreciate it if someone would explain a tried and true method to this with nothing left vague.

-- Isaac (, June 13, 2004


look man your making it too complicated just take off the carb and between it put the smog pump which runs from pullies off the engine. see how the carb works the piston goes down creating avacuum which sucks fuel and air with a supercharger you just make a greater vacuum which sucks more fuel and air.

-- caiptain kickass (, June 17, 2004.

oh and I didn't read the question so that might not answer it

-- captain kickass (, June 17, 2004.

I hate to bash your so called "answer" but it simply isn't that easy. The reason conflicts arise on forums like this is from uneducated responses that just take up room. Please act like a big shot to somebody that can't tell your a fake.

-- Isaac (, June 18, 2004.

this is all I did I took the smog pump ran it off the engine 1/1 ratio and put a filter on the intake of the pump ran a hose to the intake on the engine behind the carb and closed off the air intake on the engine so it sucks more gas. this is rather simple.

-- kickin' ass (, June 28, 2004.

Blow through would work too, it would just take a little more preparation. If you run low boost (which can be assumed since you're using an AIR pump) you wouldn't need a blowoff valve. You would probably not have to raise the fuel pressure, but if you did, a simple and effective way to do it would be to pressurize the fuel tank. This way you'd be getting quite a bit of fuel FORCED into the carb, and you wouldn't have to change carb jets either.

-- Brian Murray (, July 12, 2004.

Tried the smog pump blower deal for Briggs & Stratton engine (blow through carb) without raising fuel pressure 6 or 7 years ago, didn't work, fruitless, gave up, moved on.

-- David (, November 18, 2004.

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