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Is there any possibliity that streetcars will ever run to the Presidio? I know there's a railroad tunnel under Fort Mason and partly-buried RR tracks along the Marina Green. Seems like a perfect setup for getting those great old retro streetcars to run to the Presidio!

-- P.S. Perris (, June 09, 2004


Not likely in my opinion, but it would have my support, nevertheless. Heck, why stop at the Presidio? Why not run it over to Marin County (hang the rails on the Golden Gate bridge or reengineer the lower deck that was retrofitted with cross bracing and use the that space) and extend the line on the old railroad right-of-way that runs through Marin and up to Sonoma County? It might not be considered light rail, but it's better than nothing and our society has a responsibility to build better public transportation.

-- strange (, June 13, 2004.

I have heard for years that they weew going to run the "F" line cars to Fort Mason to get people on MUNI buses to got to the Golden Gate Bridge at the bus stop at Fort Mason.

-- Robert McDowell (, July 08, 2004.

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