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does anyone know the original address of the California Market that was destroyed in the earthquake? i believe it was on Pine actual address or cross-street would be helpful. it was also the original location of the Bohemian Club if that is helpful.


-- dennis (, June 09, 2004


Looks like it was on Pine Street, probably near Kearny Street. Frank Norris wrote about it (in "Blix," I think), mentioning that characters walked to the California Market from Kearny and then wandered into Chinatown.

-- Rosa (, June 09, 2004.

The 1875 street directory gives the address as California Street between Sansome and Montgomery. I've always thought it was near the Insurance Exchange Building (433). Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, June 10, 2004.

From the Photographs that I have seen, it was on California Street, between Sansome and Montgomery, and it stretched back to Pine Street. It was also rebuilt there after the quake and fire. There is an enlarged street shot that shows it in the book "San Francsico Golden Age Postcards" from Windgate Press, and also an interior shot of the market stalls.

-- Glenn Koch (, August 31, 2004.

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