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Dear Brothers and Sisters A very interesting thing happened the last time I made a request for the support, prayers and votes for my associate as he seeks the office of Bishop of our church. This Board was attacked and crashed. I hope the same does not occur again this time(Smile).

After working with Senator Rev. Dr. Santucci for the last 5 years I have learned much from and about a man who understands the need for both the vision and commitment to change the direction of Ministry in our Church. One of his mottos is Ministry in the New Millenium. His relentless work on economic development and missions development have caused the finance plans now submitted for consideration by our Church and possibly the General Conference.

On Africa, there is a clear and defined plan for expansion in Ministry and Economic Development with the view that proper investment will elevate certain Districts out from Missionary Status and thereby provide more funding to areas of the greatest need.Africa needs to properly and culturally divided to reflect the best of opportunities and not just economic alignement by region. In Africa Dr. Santucci enjoys the support of Bishop Harold Ben Senatle.

On the Caribbean the task is very clear. Investment and opportunities are needed more in the area of economic development as too many areas struggle financially. Great talent is going without great opportunity for development.

On Economics the plan has been submitted and speaks for itself. Noone has submitted a plan before with the real potential of elevating our Church, through fiscal discipline, to a brighter tomorrow.

On youth and urban affairs the message is based on the availability of investment. The greater the investment the greater the availability for opportunities in youth development.

As a candidate from outside the United States Dr. Santucci is a member of the first District and has not confined his work to our tiny island of Bermuda. It was he who rose to the challenge of creating the Church's first Insurance company. He has travelled all across America with sound relationships with all levels of the Church. His reach includes the connectional Lay organization, Connectional Presiding Elders Council, Connectional WMS, The Council of Bishops and many others.

While we have had the honor of seeing the elevation of two of our Bermuda sons (Bishop Vinton R Anderson and Bishop Donald Geroge Kenneth Ming) we have never had one elected from our shores.

I ask your prayers, support and votes for a man with a plan. Senator Rev. Dr. Leonard M. D. Santucci May God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2004

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