Local Church, Global Church (Vision Perspective)

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I believe Brothers and Sisters that there may be some confusion on previous posts on the issues of Global Church and issues of Africa. Some believe that the AME Church should only focus on the local Church and Global Issues are secondary.

My Church is in Bermuda and while our Annual Conference does reasonably well in managing its affairs. Our outreach leaves much to be desired. Our 11 Churches actually perform financially as an Annual Conference better than most, if not all Annual Conferences in the Connection. Our country enjoys the second highest standard of living in the world, yes even better than the United States of America.

In Africa there is no country who enjoys such a standard of living as either Bermuda or the United States. But there are millions more in Africa who can build and grow our Church. It would be interesting to note the comparitive size of the countries and members of the 17th Episcopal District. I believe there are more members and potential members there alone than in 4 Districts in the United States.

We will never see the full vlaue of our Church programs by throwing bird seed at the challenge.If we invest well we would see an outstanding return. Do we believe the value of the local Church in Africa is of a lesser value?

We need a new look at the Continent of Africa. We need to look at our homeland as just that. I believe we are still looking at them as some kind of unknown entity. Africa is truely an uncharted opportunity. I hope that we will appreciate their local Churches where some of them worship in sub-standard conditions. Charity begins at home.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2004


Makes sense to me. A $1M investment in Africa would hve much greater yeild than anywhere else.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2004

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