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Hi every body, I record a film from MyTheatre (pc sat. card viewer) in mpeg-1 format but when I try to burn it to a VCD using Nero , nero says it is not a standard mpeg-1 format , I can't change mpeg specifications in MyTheatre. when I try to change it into standard format using MPG2VCR the quality will decrease. please help me to find a way to overcome this problem any comment will be appriciated.

-- mreza (, June 08, 2004


Best thing to do is determing exactly what MyTheater is making. A Video CD needs to be 352x240/30fps NTSC or 352x288/25fps PAL with MP2 224k audio.

Check this guide:

http://www.afterdawn. com/guides/archive/dvd2vcd_with_smart_dvd2avi_tmpgenc.cfm

It's mostly for making VCDs from DVDs, but you'll want to look at the section on TMPGEnc. That should help with re-encoding your files to make a compatible VCD.

-- Bryan (, June 08, 2004.

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