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Hey everyone, a quick question about the availibility of the F4 1000 Agostini. Are they reserved for the people that already had deposits on a 750 Ago or can other people put a deposit down for one and get in line? Also, off this topic, are there any MV owners in North Carolina on this board? Thanks.

-- Brian Ogle (, June 02, 2004


I do not understand all these stories about deposits, options etc. Recently there was even a strange guy offering to sell his contract for a 1000 in return for the payment af the deposit and an extra 2000 $. Or people are crazy or people are stupid.

Here in Europe it is very simple. You go to your dealer, you sign a contract for the purchase of your F1000. WITHOUT PAYING ANY DEPOSIT !

Businnes is still a question of acting in good faith, where both parties do what they reasonably are supposed to do according to the contract. A contract should always be a WIN-WIN situation.

I signed my contract with my dealer beginning of january and my dealer said that the expected date of arrival would be half may half june. My bike arrives this weekend.

In a standard contract, normally there is a close that says that the purchasr should pay an indemnity of x % ( up to 20) of the value as compensation to the dealer if he cannot for any reason purchase the bike. And even if it is the case then both parties will look for a solution that makes both parties happy (for instance deliver the bike to the next in line and a small compensation for administrative costs,...)

All this to tell you that deposits and options are local stuff between your dealer and the customer and that MV Agusta factory tries to satisfy all clients as soon as possible. In a meeting with the marketing director, he told me that they started production beginning of may and that they would immediately ship worldwide without any preference end of may hoping to limit the delivery time for every body to a maximum.



-- patrick maes (, June 03, 2004.

Thanks for the rant about Europe, Patrick. You really helped to answer my question.

-- Brian Ogle (, June 04, 2004.

Hey, Patrick! Did you order an Ago or the 1000? Did you allready get it?? Just curious....

-- Rik MV (, June 06, 2004.

My dealer told me that the Tamburini will not be available before end 2004. He had ordered on Ago last Fall. It was scheduled for week 20 but is still not delivered. There are only 300 planned and all this might be already reserved by the people waiting for the F750 Ago. If you really like the carbon stuff and want to pay a premium then you might be better off with putting a reservation on a Tamburini. Probably this is the same for all over the world.

-- artur (, June 15, 2004.

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