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Another source of curses comes from physical objects we may own. There is spirit power attached to certain objects, especially those with some type of a pagan connection. One thing I tell my students is the cultures of the world are full of witchcraft.

As you look around a person's house you may see things that have some connection to pagan worship. It may be a Buddha statue, a good luck charm, a Native American dream catcher, crystals, Aztec images, there's a bunch of them and every culture in the world has them.

Now just because something comes from another country doesn't mean it's dangerous. It is wise however to determine if there is any type of pagan connection. There is a reason God told the Israelites to destroy such things. For the same reason the Book of Acts Christians had a few good bonfires.

As you go through your house God will point things out to you. Then comes decision time. Not only must we get rid of such things (and not in a garage sale), we should destroy them if possible. Again I've seen people react violently to the suggestion they get rid of something in their home. It may be an heirloom or a symbol of their ethnic heritage. Will we obey the voice of the Lord?

Two other categories to consider in spiritual house cleaning: Entertainment sources and items with past romantic attachments. To properly clean a house you'll need to go through your books, videos, and music. Anything the Lord brings to your attention needs to be destroyed.

Also items connected with people you were romatically involved with can be used by the enemy as a weapon. Photos, jewelry, ticket stubs, anything which would stir memories of someone other than your lawfully wedded spouse. With the exception of widows, Christians have no business whatsoever maintaining such connections.

So clean house!

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004


RP! I sure hope you didn't spend any money for this course. I could have taught you how to curse for free. Can't you see where this stuff is leading you? This is VooDoo!

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004

He could do no mighty works among them because of their unbelief.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004

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