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Illustration from a lesson on this subject: A little girl looks out her screen door and sees a stray dog. She opens the door to pet it and is bitten. She contracts rabies and dies. She did it quite innocently, never having any clue about the danger. This does not change the fact she contracted rabies.

Things happen in life which open doors to demon spirits and curses. Some may be done by us in our ignorance, some by our rebellion, and sometimes we're simply victims. All the same we're cursed.

I have a friend who's life goes from bad to worse with sickness, financial disaster, you name it. No matter how much he tried to live right it was clear something was wrong. His life seemed to be operating under a number of curses. It appears it all started when someone tried to kill him.

Several years ago we suffered a fire in our house which damaged our kitchen. In the following days my wife and I would argue over every little thing. Finally we felt a presence in the kitchen which left after we cast it out. Problem solved.

Nations such as Haiti can never seem to get a break. Every problem you can imagine exists there at a severe level. Probable cause? Voodoo.

Certain families have problems with cancer, with miscarriage, with mental disease, with violent death or something similar. The late Derreck Prince said "If you ever want an example of a family under a curse, look at the Kennedy's in America."

Dealing with open door curses requires identification of the curse and deliverance. Pastors should become experts at this. Better yet, they should develop a team trained in dealing with this. My church is doing this.

Does it appear any curses are operating in your life, family, or your community? Dealing with these things requires training.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004

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