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Why do certain sins run in families? What about certain sicknesses, or certain problems such as poverty? One possible answer may be a generational curse.

We need to beware of every method we've mentioned so far in the area of curses. But even if we're careful there is another way curses can enter, and that's our previous generations.

The word curse or the open door curse may have originated with an ancestor. Perhaps they were involved with witchcraft or Freemasonry. Perhaps there was marital infidelity that opened up a family problem with sexual purity. There may have been abuse or molestation no one today is even aware of.

As we deal with the vulnerable areas in our lives we need to repent of the sins of our ancestors as well as our own. Sometimes we may be aware of what happened, or we may receive a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Other times we may simply see symptoms.

Look at your family, and even consider the history of the area where you live. Was there adultery or rape? What about drug abuse? Did your ancestors bring a native, pagan religion with them? Do traces of that religion exist today in your own practices or community? You may find it in the dances and songs of your next cultural celebration. These things need to be purged and repented of on behalf or your entire family and community.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004

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