DCC power/throttle control

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I'm trying to understand the relationship between DCC and power. Do the DCC throttles have momentum and braking capabilities that MRC offers on their power packs? If not, is there a way to get it? TIA

-- Bob Friddle (rjfriddle@leoadaly.com), May 28, 2004



The throttles don't, but the locomotive decoders do. This is actually better because each locomotive can have a setting that is tailored specifically for it.

To use, you just program the acceleration CV and the deceleration CV to values that suit you. On DCC systems that support operations mode programming, like the Digitrax Chief, you change these values on the fly. That makes it easy for you to get them just the way you want them.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), May 28, 2004.

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