Will the Mintek MDP-1770KIT play VCDs?

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I was thinking of purchasing the Mintek MDP 1770Kit but I donít know if it will play VCDs. According to Amazonís site it says ďThe player handles DVD-Video (NTSC or PAL, depending on your media) as well as standard and recordable audio CDs, MP3- and JPEG-encoded discs, and Kodak Picture CDs, which offer greater digital-photo viewing flexibility.Ē On the details fro the Mintek MDP-1770 7" Portable DVD Player it does state that it plays VCDs but the Mintek MDP 1770Kit doesnít. It seems weird to me but I need something thatís going to play VCDs. Iíve tried contacting Mintex but I have only been able to reach their voice mail and left numerous messages.

-- quidporquo (quidporquo@msn.com), May 27, 2004


Try looking up the player on the DVD Player list at http://www.dvdrhelp.com and see what it says about it.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 28, 2004.

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