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Help please anyone,

Our baby chicken just got attaked by a crow. The crow tore off a chuck of her skin on her head. What can we do to help her? We put some local antibiotic ointment on her and tried to bandage her up. She is eating a little but seems weak and sad and defeated. We have another chicken who is her best friend and they have always been together, should we allow them to stay together, or will the other one start pecking at her too?

Please help!!! About two years ago we lost our beloved Josefina a red hen to illness, we don't want to lose Pepper too!!

Sincerely, Milwaukee pet owner

-- Ramona Tenorio (, May 24, 2004


Keep the chick by herself untill she is healed then put her back in the pen. If the crow is still around, have a crow stew.


-- Tiller Bill (, June 03, 2004.

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