F65 (N65) - Slightly cloudy image in viewfinder

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I have recently bought a Nikon F65 (N6f in US). The view throughthe viewfinder seems less clear and defined than through my friends Canon EOS300, is this common or do I have a problem that needs fixing? It isn't too bad, but I have heard Nikon are regarded as the best camera equiptment makers, so this surprises me!

-- Sam Turner (turners3000@hotmail.com), May 24, 2004


Hi Sam,

I also own a Nikon F65 for 2 yrs plus. I also notice the viewfinder not very clear even I change the lense, but the picture came out OK. I think is the material it use for the viewfinder. BTW, it is the lower cat in the Nikon product.

Rgds Sky

-- Sky (skyboy_2@yahoo.com.sg), May 28, 2004.

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