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Brothers and Sisters I wish to both thank and praise each of you who have watched and participated in this thread from May 18th. I believe that Bro. Bill and Jeryl have lifted up the most profound challenges to both our Church and General Conference. The news of these threads have made and impact on our leaders as they are watching to gauge the sentiment of the members of our Church.

Much discussion is going on and I seek your prayers for all of our leaders as they ponder and plan our future and the future of the work we are called to do. While I am a supporter of one candidate for the Bishopric I am not blind to the extent and content of our challenges. Let us continue to push our leaders in this regard.

I have been listening of late to the discussion on financial change for our Church and the hesitation on legislating compulsory participation in any of these ventures. Without it my Brothers and Sisters we will fail. Without a cause we have no challenge. Without a conviction we have no credibility. To Rev. Paris I praise God for your conviction in challenging my suggestions on Financial change. To Rev. Mwandu I praise God for your stedfast faith and hope. To all of you who have posted on the numerous threads and sent me private emails I thank you. We must continue to push this. Even if we may disagree on style and content let us try to stay together on intent.

God Bless You All Love From Bermuda

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2004


It is out of love for our church and our people that we participate in such discussions. I hope and pray that our leaders are listening to the entire board. Although I sometimes fear that reprisals may be taken if the opportunity presents itself, But God is good. I begin all my presentations that are geared toward change with the following: Insanity . . . is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Ladies and gentlemen, we must change or die!

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2004

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