what will happen if surger is delayed after complete colapse of the hip joint?

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in january 2003 an xray showed the complete colapse of my right hip joint due to ON .. i've been granted full disability, as of april 2004, but won't be eligible for medicare until october of 2005. what can be the repercussions of delaying surgery so long? i'm worried i could be permanently crippled .. thanxxxx

-- Judith Klein (hosstinger@sulphurcanyon.com), May 21, 2004


It is unlikely that you would be 'permanently crippled' but you may suffer progressive pain and disability by delaying surgery. Discuss this with your Physician and take his or her advice. Hip replacement is not an emergency and can often be delayed until conditions are right.

-- Errol L Bennett, M.D. (ebennet6@jhmi.edu), May 26, 2004.

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